Why are Nigerians always linked to crime? one of the murderers of George Floyd is a Nigerian


Nigeria is considered the largest black race in the world with a population of over 200 million people so it is not out of place when researchers said out of every five black adult in the world one is most likely to be a Nigerian.

The above statistics shows how widely travelled Nigerians are. In my own research have also discovered that if out of every five black persons you don't find Atleast one Nigerian by naturalization then you will most likely find one out of the five black persons with a Nigerian decent. Even some of the whites especially in the United Kingdom and the United State of America, for example the popular Chelsea football player of England Ross Barkley has a Nigerian decent although he is white and the present Lebanese feunce to Donald trumps daughter is of a Nigerian decent.

So it's not shocking when the news of Alex kueng being a Nigerian became public

It was revealed recently that One of the black police officers at the scene of the killing of George Floyd by a white officer in Minneapolis in May has a Nigerian father, according to New York Times.

Alexander Kueng joined Minneapolis Police in February 2019 was licensed in August 2019 and prior the George Floyd's incident he had not complaints about him. Kueng graduated from University of Minnesota in 2018 where he worked as part time campus security officer. Kueng also worked as theft-prevention officer at Macy’s in Minneapolis while he was in college.

The 26 years old speaks, reads and writes Russian.

The police officer named Derek who allegedly murdered George was charged with a first degree murder, On 03 June 2020 Derek chauvin's charge was upgraded to second degree murder while Alexander Kueng and other officers involved were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter

As of today the true paternity of kueng has not be precisely ascertained.

But my biggest concern in all of this unfolding events is that, what has his nationality got to do with the crime committed, is it necessary because there was another police officer of an asian decent precisely from laos named Tou thao at the scene of the alleged murder.

why is nobody talking about him or are they trying to paint Nigerians in a bad light?

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