Checkout What Criminals Was Seen With Inside Prison

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Looking at the issue of crime in South Africa crime doesn't seem to be decreasing anytime soon I mean as much as some beneficiaries of this crime do end up getting arrested at some point most of them always seems to re-offend the law and end up behind bars again and again.

So now looking at all this from a view that prison should have been that one place which punish and rehabilitate them & also draw then away from crime have you ever wondered why it seems like prison seems not to be working in this case? Well there's a video making rounds exposing all that and according to what I've observed on the video it seems like prison has now turned to some sort of gangsters paradise were good times are had. 

Please refer to this link to watch the video for your self : Now lets take a look at some of the moments of that video in the screenshots attached below.

Okay looking at all this prisoners had a cellphones record the video.The had tin stuff's which are not even allowed in prison in a sense that the emptied tins could be used as weapons.Instead of them getting some psychological classes on how they should change they mindsets on crime they are being fed all this and the sad part of it is that by our very own police who should have been making sure that they do not have a good time while behind bars so they never re offend.

If you are out there and you have always wondered why jail don't seem to do the trick of convincing people to refrain from crime i take it that this has now kind of showed you what is it that happens behind those bars.So now with an incident like this being one of those a lot of people did not expect or thought life behind bars is.This has got a lot of people talking online.

Please refer to the screenshots attached below to see what some of them has been saying.

So now with all this being said what is it that you as an individual have to say? Please write us some comments below and while you are at that please follow my account for further news and updates

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