I'm Not Racist But Would Black People Do This To Their Cars?

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Let me start of by saying, this article is not mend to offend anyone. I love all the rainbow skin tones that this beautiful continent has to offer.

That been said, let's get into the matter. For us(and by us I mean black people) having a vehicle is an achievement, a huge one at that. It means you have arrived or you are on your way there.

Our cars are our prides and joys, our symbol of success. I tell you, it is so difficult for a black parent to give their car to thier kid to drive, regardless of how old you are or wether you have a license or not. Most of us get to drive when we finally get to buy our own cars.

When I was in high school, all the white kids that didn't live within walking distance or dropped off by their parents would drive to school. The students cars were way more than the teachers cars and fancier too. So I figured that driving and having cars were a norm for many of the white kids.

This is why I think white people get creative with their cars. They glue stuff and paint them and turn them into animals and whatever else their imagination will reveal to them.

Black people also customize their cars but it's in a different way. They make thier cars look fancier and more expensive while white people do it for the whimsy and creativity as you will see from the pics below.

1. I'll make my beetle look like there's grass growing out of it.

2. Pasting floppy discs all over my car is not weird it's creative.

3. We have so many cars that we are going to stick them together. Why white people?

4. The rubber duck in the bathtub was not enough so we had to turn a whole car into a rubber duck.

5. To be fair this is not a car. But who would want to ride a shoe? Even though it would look amazing with a black skinny jean and a black crop top.

6. In my family this car would be given to my uncle so he can drive the kids to school. And he would wash it every single day. But these people did this!

7. I don't even know what's going on here.

8. This seem to be a parade float. One of the scariest things I've seen on the road.

9. Yoh, if you drove this in my village they would accuse you of witchcraft. You would find it burning in the middle of the night.

10. We see this a lot ekasi. No matter how busted the car is, we still have hope that we will fix it one day.

11. This look like a practical joke. I warn you never ever do this to a black person's car in the name of a joke. It will not be funny!

12. Guys and then?

13. How do you even was this car? Will it smell like a wet dog after it goes to the car wash?

14. The only other worldly entities that we as black people believe in is God and Ancestors. Aliens for who?

15. This car looks like it was at some kind of parade. It's decorated with pool noodles for that Mad Max effect. The only decor a black person is sticking on their cars is balloons and streamers for a wedding.

16. They take these parades seriously meh?

17. First of all we don't throw old cameras away we stick them in a drawer because it cost money to but them let alone stick them all over a car.

18. Wooooo! Parade!

19. For when you want to feel like you live in a jungle. Just visit Njhakanjhaka, you will feel that way by just walking outside.

20. Carved wood car, cos why not?

Let me know in the comments below if any of these cars have inspired you to "Pimp" your ride.

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Thank you for reading.

Love and prosperity to you.

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