I Thought I Was Listening To An Israeli Security Officer When He Spoke – Kwesi Pratt


Ghanaians are still reacting to the death of Ibrahim Mohammed and the aftermaths that has led to the death of 2 people and many more injured. The police have promised to investigate and bring the culprits to book. Many are wondering what will come of the investigations since the dead are Muslims and have been buried.

Kwesi Pratt, today, Wednesday, June 30, 2021 on ‘Good Morning Ghana’ has waded into the debate ongoing about the brute use of force by the military on the inhabitants of Ejura. According to Mr. Pratt the soldiers have abused their power. He noted that the police sat aloof even after Kaaka received death threats. He questioned why they failed to react when all this happened.

“This is a complete abuse of power. We are not at war. This is completely shocking. Then I listened to the MCE for Ejura, Randy, I thought I was listening to an Israeli Security Officer or an officer of Apartheid South Africa saying that the officers were pelted with stones and so they were justified. This is not Israel. This is not Israelis sending mortar fire at Palestinians to calm them. This is not Apartheid Soweto.

I am so deeply embarrassed. Those who ordered the soldiers there and gave them live ammunitions should be held responsible. That is why people will call this country as a Banana Republic” Kwesi Pratt explained.

 It is yet to be seen the response of the police or the findings of their investigations. Many argue that many serial killings have happened in the past one year and nothing have come out of those findings. What has happened to the security of the country? is Ghana indeed the Second Most Peaceful Country in Africa?

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