Checkout The Image That Was Identified At T. B Joshua's Burial Ceremony


T. B Joshua has finally been laid to rest in a befitting manner, as expected by friends and family members.

The immediate burial of the pastor, after his death, came as a surprise to many people.

While some individuals felt it was appropriate to bury him early, others weren't comfortable with the decision, looking at the personality he possessed in his country.

The aftermath of the pastor's funeral event has sparked a lot of rumors. 

In a photo sighted by AramKay, we saw an imagery around the location where his casket was placed during the final funeral rites.

After the occurrence of this incident, a lot of people have provided their own interpretation with the help of biblical quotations.

As an ordained man of God, seeing such a picture at his funeral draws our attention to the connection he had with God when he was alive.

In the normal study of Christian religion, it is a good sign. However, no one can comfortably predict where his soul is going after death, since judgement lies in the hands of the Almighty God.

As the bible says, the plans of God differ from that of humans.

Since we all have some level of knowledge when it comes to issues like this, I would like to know what you think about this recent development.

Do you think T. B Joshua will be joining his creator in the heavenly place prepared for the pure and righteous?

Let your opinion be identified in the comments space provided below.

 Source: Phoenix Browser(blog master)