Kirigiti Residents in Kiambu Decry Being Robbed At Gunpoint yet Police Are Complacent

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Kirigiti residents in Kiambu County have today decried the worsening state of insecurity in the area where theft has been on the rise and accused police of being slow to respond as if complacent with the thuggery according to a video interview posted by K24 on Facebook.

One of the residents told K24 that the thugs can break even up to five houses on the same floor in a single building. “They can even have demand to have supper with you and then order you to package your property such as television into their proboxes at gunpoint,” he said.

Another resident attributed the rampant theft with alcohol abuse. He claimed that many youth in the area are fond of getting drunk especially in the morning hours which made them wonder how they obtain money to have fun without working.

A policeman who was interviewed by K24 paraded up to 25 phones which were allegedly stolen from the locals. He added that up to ten young men have been arrested over the matter and will be charged in court.

We hope the law enforcers will restore security in the area soon.

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