Fear of Bandits: Shehu Sani Narrates How a Friend of His Discharged Himself From a Clinic


In the new time that we live in, it could be said that the fear of bandits is the beginning of wisdom, which is only the reality if the truth that you don't need to be spoken to you, as the security situation is very dire in the country, and with the result on incessant kidnappings, every one has to cultivate that wisdom of staying safe.

For Shehu Sani, he has cultivated a knack for being a good reporter of current trends, and situations that might be going on in the country, which is a good thing for those who like to be informed, as they can go to his social media handle, and be guaranteed of been informed with the latest news, gist, and trends.

So this time around Shehu Sani had narrated how his friend that wouldn't want to take a risk with being held captives by bandits helped himself from leaving a clinic even when he hadn't been discharged. Shehu Sani in his narration of the event had disclosed that on his Twitter's timeline that, ''After the news of the Kidnapping of some Nurses, My friend On admission in a different Clinic has discharged himself and returned home.'' which might sound very funny, but who wouldn't make a move to get to safety when a neighbour's house is on fire?

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