A Woman Noticed Some Kids Walk Long Distances To School Barefoot And She Decided To Do This To Help


A woman who by her actions and taste can be referred to as a superwoman has left people congratulating her after she noticed some kids who used to walking long distances to school bare footed and decided to sponsor them buying each and everyone of them a pair of shoes.

Just imagine the feeling of one walking barefoot to and from school for such long distances and it is daily, the kids were for sure going through hardship but God saw them from far and through the woman intevined to help the kids.

The woman saved some money for sometime after that she bought school shoes for the kids help them reach school easily without any difficulty and challenges.

The woman kind gesture which most people today lack really warmed the hearts of many people online who took to thank and applaud her for her generosity.Anyway what can you tell the woman? Use the comments box section below to share your views about this and do not forget to follow me for more updates thank you.

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