OPINION: Nigerian Government Learnt Nothing from Chibok, Kankara


Posted by: Sidi Baba

Edited by: dogaraCaesar

Shocking reports of another mass kidnapping this time in Kagara, Niger State. Strikingly identical to the Kankara scenario shows that the government and security agencies have learnt nothing from the incidents of the past.

In 2014, it was the Chibok school girls in Borno state, few weeks ago was Kankara school boys in Katsina state, now its Kagara in Nigeria state. What is it that the government needs to do but keeps on failing while citizens continue to suffer?

Nigeria has become a country where gunmen invades schools and abduct children over and over again. Haven't we learnt anything thus far? Clearly, the Nigerian government have learnt nothing thus far!

The only solution to the prevalent insecurity in northern Nigeria is for the whole northern states to have a unified agenda. Either to continue pampering, negotiating and paying ransom to the criminals, or to declare total war against them.

So long as some states keep pampering and paying ransoms while others are fighting the bandits, there will be no end in sight.

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