Red alert signs of an ending relationship.


There exist so many types of relationships.Here we are going to dwell on a romantic relationship. A romantic relationship,is a connection between two people of opposite sexes who have sexual feelings towards each other.

Everybody wishes to have a long term relationship which probably can lead to marriage.Most of the times things don't work out better and hence people have to separate.

These are the reasons ,why you have to quit your relationship.

I)One sided communication. There is no mutual conversation among the partners.One is trying to maintain the conversation going but the other one is slowly drifting away from the communication.

II)Lack of trust among the partners. When there is constant suspicion among the lovebirds it is high time to quit the relationship.

III)There is no nice moments in the relationship. If every conversation leads to an arguments and there is no any fun,it is a sign of an ending relationship.

IV)When one is considering no future with the other partner. Incase of this, there could be no commitment among the partners as the other one is taken for granted.

Don't quit the relationship try to give it a trial.share and comment with us.