Advice About Love In Relationship


I really don't think whether people do understand what love is. A woman or a lady should not make you change because she loves you but you should just change after realizing you love her. Some who are in relationship, are always obsessed by things one has. Some are obsessed by the fancy things, the facial appearance of a person or money. Some confuses love with infatuation.

Love, is like a relationship that is set on fire. It is not about the earthy things we have but the emotions and feelings we feel for other person. True love is not portrayed by how we squander money toward someone. That may be a sign to hunt you down. Money and love is not one. Love cannot be bought for it is not a commodity from a shop or a mall. Love is a hidden feeling that act as a language between two unknown souls.

Tanzanian Preacher is very true after advising men not to pay the school fees for their lovers. One may pay the fees but end up being booted. These ladies nowadays are so clever. They may pretend to be loving you just because you have what they need. After offering it, they leave you floating in the air.

Since money does not buy love, these ladies after going to school, may find someone who she might think is better than you and finally fall for her. In additional to that, she might get someone who is more fancy than you and fall for him. This may lead to your depression and end up killing you.

If you are in relationship, it is not good to be too good for someone whom you claim you love. Being good is not good but a sign of weakness these ladies use to male us fall. True love is only six letter words, 'no matter what, I got you.'


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