4 Healthiest Types Of Nuts You Should Eat Regularly To Improve Your Health

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Nuts are one of the healthiest edibles that exists. There are many types of nuts in the market that can be used for various purposes. Nuts are a rich source of fiber, protein, unsaturated fats and many other essential nutritents.

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Nuts provides the body with a lot of health benefits. One of the most valuable health benefits of nuts is probably it's ability to improve and promote heart health.

Although, there are many types of nuts like tiger nuts, some nuts are still considered to be more beneficial to the health than others.

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Here Are Four Healthiest Types Of Nuts You Should Eat Regularly

1. Cashew Nuts: cashew nuts are one of the most popular nuts in Nigeria. Cashew nuts are gotten from the rear end of the cashew fruit.

Cashew nuts are rich in antioxidants and good cholesterol which helps to regulate blood pressure and promote heart health. Cashew nuts are suitable for people of all ages.

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2. Groundnut: groundnuts are probably the most popular nuts that exists in Nigeria. Groundnut can he prepared in various ways like boiling and roasting. Studies have shown that, groundnuts helps to promote heart health and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in women.

Further studies also indicates that, the children of women who ate groundnuts regularly during their pregnancy are less likely to, have allergy diseases like, asthma. However,, it is best not to prepare groundnuts with salt.

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3. Walnuts: walnuts are very healthy nuts that are mainly found in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The walnut in Nigeria are called, African walnuts.

Walnuts contains low calories and high fat however, the fats content of walnuts are mainly PUFAs and actually contin a lot of health benefits. Walnuts are also rich in protein.

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4. Almonds: the list of healthiest nuts cannot be complete with including, almonds. Almonds have a lot of health benefits for example, almonds helps to improve heart heart, aid in weight loss, regulates blood pressure and keep the sugar levels of diabetic people in check.

Almonds are also used to make milk called, almond milk.

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