Her Dirty Secret (Chapter Four)

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“So you work for Vintage enterprises?” My dad asks Gbenga as we eat. 

“Yes... It's my uncle's company” Gbenga answers him simply. 

“Mr Adegbile right? We met once” He adds and Gbenga grunt in reply. I eye him, he must really be enjoying the food. 

“Wura.. You haven't said anything to Gbenga” Damola says and I curse him inwardly.

I look up from my food, everybody is looking at me, except Gbenga who keeps eating. 

“What do you want me to say?” I ask sarcastically. 

“At least... Oh I remember, you never liked him” He answer causally. 

“Damola” My dad warns. 

“What, dad? I am not lying...am I, Wura? He widen his eyes at me. 

I choose not to reply and continue eating my food. I remember telling Damola then that I don't like Gbenga and I don't want him to come to our house anymore. Damola kept asking me why I was like that but I never answered him. 

“Gbenga.. Don't mind Damola. I'm sure Wura has nothing against you” My mom supplies. 

Gbenga looks up and smiles at me. “Gold and I have no issues actually. She's just tired... Probably” he winks at me. 

I control the urge to roll my eyes at him. We have an issue, which might never go away. I don't want him to keep pretending everything is fine. 

“Right, Gold?” he asks me. 

I look at him. Despite everything, I don't want my family to know what is going on. I'm even surprised he hasn't said it yet. I smile lightly. “Yes.. I am just tired. Rough day at work”

We finish the dinner in silence, and everyone sit down to watch TV. I stand up quietly and go to my room. 

I turn in my sound box, lay on my bed, resting my head on my hand as Asa's 'dead again' blast through the speakers. I try to relax as I remember the first time I saw Gbenga. 

Damola was outside playing, I was watching my favorite show on the TV, and our parents weren't around. Damola had rushed in, bringing Gbenga with him, both of them breathing loudly. 

“Wura, I want to watch my show” Damola said loudly. Gbenga just stood there, looking at me. 

“Can't you see that I am watching my show too” I answered sharply. 

“But it is time for 'The walk of aliens', please now, Wuraa” Damola pleaded. 

I snorted. “Like I care. You have to wait till I am done. By the way, who is that?” I gestured at the boy who was still looking at me. 

“He is my new friend, Gbenga. Gbenga, this is Wuraola, my sister. We call her Wura” Damola told him. 

I stared at Gbenga warily. I didn't like any of Damola's friends, they were all stubborn and spoilt but Gbenga looked different. 

“Wura...” he called me smiling. “That means Gold right? Can I call you Gold?” he was looking at me innocently. 

I liked the name. “Whatever. You guys should go out, I want to watch my show in peace” I told them and they left. 

I smile as I remember my sixteen years old self. She was sassy and loud. 

I was beautiful and intelligent and I know it. My friends always complained that I am egotistic but I always fight back, claiming that they were only jealous of me. I didn't care about their feelings and I told them they were not as beautiful and intelligent as I was. All my friends became my enemies but I didn't care, all I thought of was the future and how I am going to be the brightest of all. My parents supported my dreams and I didn't have any cause to worry. 

I am so different from that girl now I lost that glow and confidence I lived with. I am a calmer, fuller version of my old self. Now I don't fancy having many friends. I am okay living a simple life. Of course I want to shine, but I don't want to be the brightest. I don't want unnecessary attention in my life anymore. 

My life changed when I met Gbenga. It's like Karma sent him as a punishment for all the feelings I hurt. 

Back then, I bossed my brother and his friends around, always telling them I am older than them and should be respected. But among all Damola's friends, only Gbenga respected me. He never raised his voice at me and always do as I tell him. Well that was how our problem started, because Gbenga worshipped the ground on which I walk. He treated me like I was a goddess and my head became full of it, and that led to my downfall. 

(To be continued)

Keep calm, the suspense will soon be unveiled! 

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