We do not know what is happening to our daughter, born different.

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They never predicted things that will happen to them, but things are happening to them. She is called Chantal and she is a mother to this baby. She gave birth to a baby that was born with intestines out of it body and this keeps she and her husband worried that one day they may end up losing their daughter, because they can't afford to take her to a better hospital for surgery.

This is the baby's father, he is called Karinyanga. He says, they tried everything in their power to make sure that their child undergo surgery so that she can become normal just like the other children. But they totally failed since they cannot afford for the surgery.

Chantal says that a couple of years ago she met this man and they fell in love and finally got married. She is able to live with him, even though he is poor and does not have money but they will at least have a normal family.

Well, what they were expected did not happen at all. She got pregnant and they were expected to have a baby in their own, which was something that they were all happy about. When it was time for her to give birth, she was rushed to a hospital. After delivering, she got back normally but the baby was not normal at all.

The baby had a huge skin at her belly. So the doctor have to examine her to see what was inside. When the baby was born, the doctors immediately carried her away from the delivering room and they took her to different place that is safe for other people because they believed that this baby could be easily affected by other diseases.

After the doctors have a look, they realized that this baby was born with intestines out of it body and inside her belly, there is a lot of empty space and this was the place where the lungs suppose to be. This was beyond them and they transferred her to another hospital.

Chantal and her husband was having a feeling that, this baby was never going to make it out of this hospital, so they brought a priest to baptise their daughter so that by the time she is gone, they will already had done this.

The doctors said, what this baby needed is surgery so that they could place the lungs back to the normal place. But again they could not carry out this operation at all because the baby was still young. They advise the mother to take her home and later bring her back when she is more years older.

Beside being young, the surgery they are suppose to carry out is very expensive and in their country, there is one hospital that carries that operation. They were scared that they were going to lose their baby since they can not afford to pay for it. Chantal says, when her daughter was growing up, she already admires a lot of models that she saw on televisions and she was very obvious that one day she want to become like them.

Chantal is digging for money, so that they could get what to eat and while she is away her husband is the one who stays home taking care of their baby. And when her husband goes too, she is suppose to remain home and be taking care of the baby. They tried taken the baby to nursery school so that she could study just like the other children, but her colleagues in the school are calling her pregnant girl.

She told her parents that, she never want to go back to school and she always cried and kept resisting. They are now asking for help so that they send their child to hospital for surgery.

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