8900 Npower Batches A & B Beneficiaries Have Been Cleared For Payment Of Their 5 Months Arrears


Breaking news! 8900 @npower_ng

Batches A and B beneficiaries have been cleared for payment of their 5 months arrears of their stipends. An sms has been sent to you, so quickly log into https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/auth/login to join others for the next level of empowerment.

This was posted by an official of the npower program who was also an special assistant to the minister of humanitarian and social development.

It could be recalled that these people that have now been clear for payment were earlier omitted by the payment system, when made their payments to be stopped, but now the issue has been rectified and they may receive their stipend arrears soon.

After which they can now be able to also apply for the next level empowerment the government has also agreed to give the exited batches A and B to enable them start up something for themselves so that they do not return to the street of unemployment as promised by the government.

Congratulations to all the exited batches A and B of the Npower program, we wish you all the best as you find your next level in life.

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