Meet the little boy suffering from congestive heart failure


Godwin Gyamfi is a little boy who had a disease called Congestive heart failure. It started when he was just 4 months of age after birth. He couldn't breath well and you could see him suffer.

This little boy was taken to the hospital for treatment before it becomes worst but the amount the doctors were demanding was unbearable. So, they took the child home and supported with prayers.

The boy grew up to 7 years and it started.

His neck started to swell into something you won't believe when you are told unless you see it for yourself. It became big on his neck gradually till he couldn't turn his neck anymore.

Instead they kept on visiting different kinds of churches and the thing was also becoming worse day in and day out.

A woman advised them to take the child to the hospital or else he will die in a weeks time.They didn't have money though and support but they went, the doctors told them it's too late.

But they pleaded for something to be done, they told his parents that the boy is left with some days to die estimated to one week but if they don't get the huge sum of money required for the operation to start then he would die.

But they will start with a little proceedings before the main operation begins. They are in search of money and have gotten it by God's grace but the time they got it, the one week was up.

The doctors tried their best but now, the boy is between the verge of life and death and if God don't intervene, the news won't be good.

I know you reading this article can't do nothing but to pray for the boy and please do so.

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