A Man Melts The Hearts Of Kenyans Through Innovation Using Goat Milk To Manufacture Soap


Innovation in Kenya have lead to growth of the economy and revenue obtained by the treasury.Coming up with new ideas and methodologies usually fills a gap in the market.A middle_aged man from Embu county have left many people amazed through his great innovation of manufacturing soap. The innovator usually uses readily available natural raw materials in his work.The major ingredient required during the process is goat milk.The milk is mixed with other natural products including aloe vera. However the man revealed that the soap obtained meets all the qualities and is certified.His enterprise is chartered and hence the soap is usually supplied in diverse areas locally and outside the area.According to him this soap offers skin protection and care due to non_chemical raw materials used.Moreover the entrepreneur revealed encouraging words to people especially the youths, by advising them to identify business opportunities rather than remaining unemployment.In addition his innovation have created job opportunities to the people residents in the area.

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