'No Fees, No Money!' Schools Resumption Heavily Dimmed As Committee Set To Confirm The Mooted Dates

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All learning institutions have been in a mandatory standstill for a whopping seven months after the world fell under the jeopardy of the deadly viral pandemic which has greatly destabilized the economy.

According to a report published by The Nation Newspaper, the ministry of education announced that schools will resume on Monday, 19th October 2020, for the candidates, who are set to prepare for their national examination which has been planned for April 2020. 

The news never broke up well to most Kenyans who never understood why the committee, which is set to meet with Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha today in order to confirm the proposed dates. Kenyans, mostly parents who have their students in school seem to have gotten pissed off by the sudden inconsiderate decision for the schools to reopen.

Most parents are asking for the government to allow learning to resume next year as most parents currently lack the needed school fees, where they are currently asking for just a few cash to sustain them in these unprecedented days. Other parents questioned that if the children have been at home for the last seven months, there is no big problem for letting them finish their year at home and start it again next year where parents will have prepared for fees, assured of taking measures and school and a feasible flattening of the pandemic curve.

Taking everything into accounts, it will be a bad decision to rush to a decision and allow students back to school, first due to the risks of COVID and the financial constraints affecting parents. What is your decision in this, should the school open next month or wait until next year?

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