Karen Nyamu Finally Comes Clean On Becoming Samidoh's Second Wife


Karen Nyamu has earlier today went on air on Jalango TV live where over 13,000 Kenyans were tuned up to get more information on her 'relationship' with Samidoh. In the interview the gorgeous lady was quick to point out that she was only fighting for her child's identity, and she has no issue with Samidoh's wife.

When asked by Jalango on whether she wanted to become Samidoh's second wife, Miss Nyamu quickly commented that she had no intention but declined to answer whether she loved the musician but suggested he should ask him off-air. This has raised questions since if she didn't love the musician then she would have said it directly, and this proves that there is more to the story.

Karen further stated that she never knew that Samidoh had a wife, until later when she worked tirelessly alongside Samidoh's brother to secure Edith Muchoki a tender worth over 9 million Kenya shillings. Despite being older than Samidoh's wife, Karen has indicated that she would no longer interfere with their relationship, but the two will raise their son together.

Miss Nyamu however apologized to Edith claiming that she learned that she was in the dark. “Edith I am really sorry for the anguish that I have caused you, and all along I thought you knew. Your husband told me you knew. No excuses, I am really sorry for everything,” Karen said.

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