Opinion: Things You Should Never Give Up For The Sake Of Being In A Relationship


1.Being yourself.

Don't change yourself to accomodate your partner's behaviours.Be you and remain to be you whatsoever.

2.Your independence.

This entails your personal documents,life,finances and your personal space.Live your life.

3.Freedom of choice.

Remember you are a human being.You just have to enjoy your right to decide and make your choices for yourself.

4 .Your happiness and sense of humor.

You should never sent yourself hapinness in a relationship.Do things that always make you happy.It is good for your mental health.

5.Your dreams and goals and ambitions.

Never give up your dreams and the goals you have because of being involved in a relationship.

6.Existing relationships that are important for you.

Don't just focus on your partner alone.The existing relationships you have outside there with friends and relatives are also very important and don't forget or ignore them.

7.Your self respect.

Continue to make the boundaries for yourself that give you your self respect.

8.Your identity.

9.Your decision making power.

Be free to make decisions and don't let your partner hinder your ability to make decisions for yourself.

10.Your beliefs.

Just stick to what you believe in and don't let your partner to change the way you view things and how you believe them.

11.Friends and family.

Never forget them or despise them.Always remember them and always be in good terms with them.

12.Your privacy.

Keep your private life private.There are things you don't really have to tell your partner.Sometimes have privacy.

13.Your hobbies and interests.

Never stop doing what you like because of a relationship.

14.Your standards.

Maintain them.

15.Your taste.

16.Your time.

You don't have to dedicate all your time in a relationship.Use most of your time in doing what is more beneficial and important than that.u

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