Prominent City Lawyer, Dida Praise Ruling on MP John Waluke and Co-accused Grace Wakhungu


Former Presidential candidate Abduba Dida(below) has praised the sentence passed on Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke and his co-accused Grace Wakhungu over fraud.

The two have been fined KSh594million or alternatively serve seven years in prison after they were found guilty of defrauding the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) Ksh313 million.

Ms Wakhungu and Waluke received the money from the NCPB for a maize supply tender that they did not honour, being directors of Erad Supplies and General contractors.

Photo: Sirisia MP John Waluke. (Source/Courtesy).

Dida said that though middle class Kenyans would have preferred that the MP go to jail inorder to paint a good picture, the country could use the money they have been fined.

He declared the ruling a win, arguing that the country cannot sustain prisoners and repaying multiple times the money stolen is fair.

"For a country that cannot sustain prisoners, fining a corrupt politician ksh 594,000,000 is a WIN! I know that middle class Kenyans would want to see an MP in prison. That paints a good picture but has zeros benefits for this country. Steal 1, repay 6! Sounds fair!" Dida posted shortly after their sentencing.

Earlier today, Dida alleged that a majority of criminals in this country are the ones making, translating or enforcing laws.

He accused judges of being among the criminals, claiming that innocent people who are unable to afford lawyers are the ones filling up prisons.

He further claimed that the ratio of criminals to innocent people is higher out of prison than inside prisons.

"Ironically, majority of criminals are making, translating or enforcing laws. Some are members of benches that judge. 

Prisons are filled with innocent poor people who couldn't afford lawyers.

The ratio of criminals to innocent people is higher out here than in prison," he claimed.

Prominent city lawyer Donald Kipkorir also praised the ruling adding that the Anti-Corruption court has set a presidence for other courts.

Photo: Lawyer Donald Kipkorir.(courtesy)

He claimed that with the hefty fine, even Tangatanga will not be able to save their member Waluke.

Kipkorir said they will abandon Waluke to rot in jail.

"This Anti-Corruption Court has set a precedent for our Courts ... John Waluke & Grace Wakhungu have each been fined Kshs. 594,000,000/= ... Even the Hustler Nation aka TangaTanga aka Jubilee Asili aka TSP will abandon their Member to rot in jail ... #WalukeSentencing," the lawyer said.

Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Juma delivered the ruling, allowing for two weeks for the two to appeal.