Meet 75 Years Old Grandma With a Bodybuilder Physique

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They is no age limit on beginning to prioritized your health and well being. For Joan MacDonald health was in a shamble at age 71. She was under medication, suffering from high blood pressure, kidney failure, high cholesterol and overweight.

With all this problems, her daughter who is a fitness couch decided to make her change her lifestyle. For the first time, after all those years, Joan hit the gym and changed her diet.

Now at 75 years old, Joan is a hyper beast for health with a bodybuilder’s physique. She always share photos and video of her working out and these has helped her scoop around 1.4 million solid followers on Instagram.

Aside from landing deals with the sport wear and supplement brand Women’s Best and the stress busting device Sensate, Joan has her own health and fitness app.

Older people are taking internet by storm. We as younger generation, we should watch out. Take a look.

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