SK Macharia Gives The Following New Directives To Royal Media Services Ahead Of 2022 Polls

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SK Macharia has directed the royal media services to abandon airing Ruto's live coverage during the Rails's azimio la umoja meeting in Nyeri as he stated that the DP Ruto has been encouraging hatred among the Kenyan people especially between his opponents.

Macharia stated that the RMS need to start avoiding and following Ruto's live coverage had he indicated that the DP Ruto's rallies are always accompanied with chaos that might fuel rivalry among the Kenyan communities.

Macharia said these words during the azimio la umoja in Nyeri county today as he promises to help Mr Odinga to clinch to presidency next year.

SK Macharia urged the RMS to focus on the former prime minister Raila Odinga who he believes is uniting the Kenyan people through his azimio la Umoja initiative compared to that of DP Ruto who divides the people of Kenya by creating difference on the perfective of social classes.

The move by Macharia is likely to be a huge blow to Ruto who plans to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta after his term expires.

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