Police Arrest A Teacher After He Was Found Doing This In Kisumu


It was a huge drama in Nyando sub county in after a student was caught with the reacher making love in an hotel in Kisumu. Jane Awino, not her real name went missing after the school closure in Wednesday and the parents had to look for ways to search for her.

According the information from undisclosed source, it revealed to the parents that the daughter was spotted with the teacher in Kisumu town after closing in an hotel.

The parents decided to look for the school principal who tried to reach for the teacher but the efforts bored no fruits. The matter then was reported to a police officers who decided to launch an investigation and tracked the phone calls of the teacher. To their surprise, he was found red handedly with the student in an hotel which they booked and spent the night on.

The cases of teachers involving in love affairs has been rampant and the parents are appealing to the ministry to enforce tough measures. The teacher is currently held in police station waiting to be taken to court on Monday morning.

NyakwarAcholaodongo kenya_public@operanewshub.com