Unfazed by critics, Steve Harvey returns to African to turn “grass to gold”


World Class TV personality, Steve Harvey has the magic wand to turn “Grass to Gold” as he blows the mind of critics with huge success of Family Feud Show in Africa.  

Speaking on popular Gospel Show “TPI” , Steve Harvey attributed his success to the favour of God.

“Starting the Family Feud show in Africa attracted many negative comments.  I was told, they were no good camera men and lightening to give the show an international touch.

“But while I was in Botswana, there were radio stations with same setup as we have in the USA. All the show needed was a sprinkle of Hollywood dust on Family Feud in Africa and it will yield mind-blowing reviews and it did happen,” the host of Family Feud remarked.

 He added that the Camera men in Africa are just as good as those in America and the show has gathered high ratings since he launched it in Africa.

“I started it first in South Africa and then Ghana. The ratings were incredible,” he averred.

The staunch Christian and celebrity indicated that evangelizing is not limited to the pulpit.

“I’m blessed to reach much more people than congregants in a church. So, I talk about God sometimes on my show and I don’t care about what other people think. This is my way of telling others about the goodness of God instead of singing in a choir, or ushering people into the house of God,” the Television personality cum comedian explained.

Steve Harvey encouraged individuals to live within the grace of God, bearing in mind that the voice of God is devoid of sin. He urged believers to try to live a life devoid of sin with the help on the Holy Spirit. He added that he believes that what God purposed for a person to be will surely come to pass.

"It doesn't matter how many times you fall. God has got you. When you are in the lowest moments of your life, that is when He comes through to lift you up," Steve Harvey said.

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