The New Herzog & de Meuron Campus at the Royal College of Art Upgrade: And it looks great

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"The Royal College of Art is a one-of-a-kind school, internationally renowned for the quality of its postgraduate art and design education. This new structure has created a wonderful dynamism. Our working spaces have a huge impact on how we create and interact, and I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in the college's history and the inspiring work that its graduates will do." Chancellor of the Royal College of Art, Sir Jony Ive

The expansion is a watershed moment in the RCA's transformation into a dynamic, STEAM-focused postgraduate university, with new programs in computer and materials science, robotics, advanced manufacturing, complex visualization and data science, and intelligent mobility, allowing students to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Match funding has been spearheaded by a £15 million contribution from the Sigrid Rausing Trust, with backing from other national and international benefactors and business partners, after an exceptional grant of £54 million from Her Majesty's Treasury announced in the Chancellor's Spring budget in 2016.

The RCA will be transformed by the following facilities on the new campus. Sculpture (in the Linbury Sculpture Studio) and Contemporary Art Practice (in the Spiegel Design Studio), Moving Image (video and film), and the School of Design are all housed on the fourth floor. The studios will serve as social and educational venues for creative exchange and cooperation, as well as temporary exhibitions and large-scale works.

The Hangar is a 350-square-meter, double-height multifunctional activity space in the heart of campus, with enormous doors at each end to allow the installation of large, complicated pieces of art.

Robotics Hangar — a smaller hangar and gallery space dedicated to intelligent mobility, design engineering, sculpture, and robotics, including airborne and aquatic robotics.

The Snap Visualisation Lab is headquartered in the Rausing Research & Innovation Building, which has eight levels of specialized independent and confidential research space for disciplines such as materials science, soft robotics, smart manufacturing, intelligent transportation, and AR and VR visualisation.

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design — a new purpose-built home for the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, which conducts design research and collaborates with business on projects that help people live better lives. The Centre is now connected to the Design Age Institute.

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