How To Increase Your Fuliza Limit

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Hi, I'll show yet another important hack, how to increase your Fuliza limit from let's say Sh.300 to Sh. 7000 in less than two days.

Sit back, relax and read the following:

1. Grab your phone and go over to mpesa.

2. Dial *234# and a fuliza menu will populate.

3. Keep using mpesa daily to make transactions.

4. Petty transactions like airtime counts haba na haba hujaza kibaba.

5. Check your Fuliza limit and see the difference.

6. Check the Fuliza limit via the mpesa app.

7. This is the simplest way to fulfill your financial needs.

8. Borrow your loan using Fuliza.

There are more ways to increase the Fuliza but this is one is of the best.

Fuliza is one of the most trusted platform for getting a loan. Follow the steps and get the loan. To find out more about these articles, you can follow up at Pablo 254.

News Hub Creator

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