The Blood Was Bought; I Don't Have HIV; It Was Cover Up And Acting - Former HIV Ambassador Confesses

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Former HIV AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensa organised her long anticipated press conference last night . According to her, she Doesn't have any disease let alone HIV. Joyce confessed that, her recent live HIV AIDS test before journalist in the June 2021 was a Cover Up And Acting. She explained that, the blood used for that particular test was an infected blood Bought from a source she refused to disclose.

Joyce explained that, when news of her HIV negative report kept Trending, the Ghana AIDS commission was losing funds so she was allegedly invited by some NDC gurus to conduct the test to prove that she have the virus.

" That test was used to save the Ghana AIDS commission and many people from prosecution. They would have answered questions as to why they sponsored an HIV negative woman like me with state funds. When I Faked that report before the press, those people became free and started getting sponsorship again " Joyce disclosed in the press conference.

" Sadly enough, the money promised was never given. That is my pain now. More importantly I've never been sick. I don't have HIV or AIDS " Joyce Dzidzor Mensa added

You can click on the link below to watch the full press conference.

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