DJ Switch Looking unrecognizable in America.

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The award winning DJ, DJ switch who currently lives in America and making the name of Ghana proud is really growing and her fans can’t believe the new transformation of the popular DJ. According to the celebrity kid in several interviews, she had no idea in disc jockeying ( DJ ) and when she participated in the talent show Talented kids, She decided to learn the field of play and contest as a DJ. It’s no doubt her intelligence and smartness made her win the competition and even excelled after being crowned. Her current pictures from the U.S confirms DJ switch has really changed from the young girl we knew on tv. Let’s check out the pictures bellow.

DJ switch is really living the dream of her life, and the life that everyone will wish for. This is such a big inspiration to young girls who want to follow their talent, and also to parents who don’t assist their children to peruse their dreams.

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