If You Have These 4 Things, Girls Will Continue to Fall for You

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There are certain things that girls look out for in a guy, and those things are what would determine if a girl will fall for you or not. I understand that guys nowadays think that girls don't know what they want but in reality, they actually do. In this article, I will be showing you four things that girls look out for in a guy, that if you have those four things, girls will continue to fall for you.

1. Height

According to scientific reports, girls are naturally attracted to guys that are taller than them, this is because women crave security, and they feel that a guy who's taller than them will guarantee that security. Height is not an impossible quality that you can't possess, you only need the right diet, so you may need to consult a nutritionist to guide you on what you can start eating, that can increase your height.

2. Beards

This is another thing that girls look out for in guys. Girls believe that beards make guys look more manly, and that explains why they are usually attracted to guys that have beards. This is evident in the fact that girls make jest of guys that don't have beards, to them, they are not manly enough.

If you want girls to continue to fall for you, and you don't have beards, you may need to start growing it, there are lots of beards oil out there that you can use.

3. Six-packs 

This is one thing that you'll have when you exercise daily and hit the gym often. Girls are attracted to guys that are well built and have six-packs, they believe that it makes them look manly and that guys with six-packs will have lots of bedroom skills.

To build six-packs, you will need to watch what you eat, exercise daily and hit the gym regularly. If you can do this, girls will continue to fall for you.

4. Pink lips

Pink lips is another feature that girls admire in guys. As a guy, if you have pink lips, girls will be tripping for you naturally, sometimes you don't even need to talk to them before they'll start following you all around.

Girls believe that pink lips make guys look more handsome and appealing. And that explains why girls will continue to fall for you if you have pink lips.

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