When Heart Broken girl Choose Monkey Over Men, See Some Funny Pictures to Make Your Day


Well let entertain your morning with these hilarious joke and funny joke sit relax and be happy well remembered that our main priority is to give you guys the best we can surf through out the internet.

First time when city girl visit village and saw a monkey that resembled like her boyfriend, all in our pictures.

Well shaa he is not far in the game, na like these all of them take start.

Which one of them is more foolish, let heat from you

As for me I will go for 3 ohh my hand has been scratching me, I hate what I love the most, well you are free to choose your own weapon.

Well tag that tribe, that will plug her phone that is 89% and used your own that is 30% to play temple run, if I call IBO girls they will say I have started again.

Well respect the legend it is not easy to ho yo schools.

Well the face you will see when you eventually slapped a spoilt kid, is like is it me you just slap?. No I slap myself.

Well I hope you enjoyed yourself with these wonderful funny pics indicate which one that got you laughing.

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