Zora: Talia Confesses Her Love Towards Madiba

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In today's episodes Madiba will receive a call from Ogolla. Ogolla will ask him to come out at the gate for a privacy talk. Madiba will be at the gate within five minutes and he will be surprised to see Talia.

Talia will tell Madiba that she has come in good way but not to harm them. Talia will then tell Madiba that she loves him and she is ready to be with him regardless of spiritual and taboos myths. Madiba will tell Talia to stop that because he is aware her father send her and that's their plan to put him in their deals and Madiba doesn't want but Talia assures Madiba that she has true love towards him and is not all about strategy things.

Talia will promise Madiba to love him forever but Madiba is scared. Madiba will ran away because he knows Talia might be playing with him.

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