Kiambu Governor Dr Nyoro Impeachment Loading, Moses Kuria Claims


Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now says Kiambu County Assembly MCAs have resolved to impeach Kiambu governor Dr James Nyoro, over his alleged involvement in Tuesday 18th vote tallying fracas at Mangu High School tallying centre.

In a statement on his official Facebook page, Kuria has accused Dr Nyoro of trying to subvert the will of the people by openly influencing the outcome of the Juja constituency by-election through intimidation, ballot stuffing, hooliganism, and destruction, and voter bribery.

‘’We have held several discussions with Kiambu MCAs regarding the criminal conduct of Governor James Nyoro. As the DPP takes up the matter following the directions of the IEBC, the MCAs will concurrently move to impeach Dr Nyoro’’ he wrote on his Facebook page.

Already independent electoral and boundary commission IEBC through its chairman Chairman Wafula Chebukati is intending to take legal action against Dr James Nyoro over his action of interfering with vote tallying. Chebukati while speaking on a local Tv on Wednesday 19th says he will write to the director of criminal investigation DPP Noordin Hajji to institute a prosecution process against Dr Nyoro

IEBC was on Tuesday 18th evening forced to suspend tallying in Juja constituency By-election over what it terms as an act of ‘’hooliganism’

In a statement, the Commission chairman Wafula Chebukati said that the Mang’u Tallying Centre was raided by a rowdy group led by Kiambu Governor James Nyoro.

“In order to ensure the safety of our staff, the election materials, and to preserve the integrity of the election process, the Commission hereby suspends the tallying process and announcement of results until normalcy is fully restored.

“The election material and results brought in by the presiding officer have been secured by the Commission. Candidates are urged to keep vigil until the exercise resumes,” the statement read in part

Moses Kuria has also, in a series of tweets accused the state of directly and indirectly interfering with the voting and tallying process in the Juja by-election. Kuria has gone further to name individuals whom he believes to be part of a group ‘’sent by statehouse’’ to rig in jubilee candidate Susan Waititu.

‘’State House Goons who stormed JKUAT DEB to introduce marked ballots and beat up IEBC staff were led by Mbogo wa Manchester, Mubea, Alex Wakahe, And one other from my constituency whom I will not name to avoid embarrassing some other person’’ Kuria wrote.

Others accused by Kuria is Kiambu county commander is Ali Nuno, who he alleged was part of the individual involved in vote bribery

‘’I have a lot of respect and confidence for Kiambu County Commander Ali Nuno. But when I saw you on this video supervising the State House goons who tried to introduce marked ballots at JKUAT DEB stations 1 and 2, I was saddened, first as a friend and secondly as a leader’’ He said

The tallying process in Juja has resumed and currently underway. By the time of suspension, Moses Kuria’s Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) candidate George Koimburi was leading followed by Jubilee’s Susan Waititu.

Should the MCAs succeed in impeaching Dr Nyoro, then he will be the second governor to be impeached by the Kiambu County Assembly after they successfully impeached former governor Ferdinand Waititu Babayao in January 29th, 2020.