Uproar as Suspected Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo gives this Condition for Surrender to Authorities


Netizens have been left in surprise after a story about the latest condition set by suspected killer cop Caroline Kangogo to Kenyan Authorities before she surrenders to the Police Surfaced online.

According to details shared on the page Kenyans.co.ke's Facebook page on Thursday, Kangogo who is on the run after allegedly killing two men said that she does not want to be held in a police cell because she fears for her life due to the many extra judicial killings in the country.

Details which have illicited mixed reactions from Netizens.

Below are comments from Netizens on the post.

"She fears death yet she killed, totally ironical aki surrender tumechoka kukaa indoors. " a comment read.

"Fearing for her life yet she killed , this lady must be joking." A comment read.

"Give us a break, you made a choice to kill two souls. Now the consequences of your actions follow." A comment read.

"She kills but she fears to be killed." A comment read.

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