Wash your vagina before changing your pad, community health nurse advises

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Women have received some expert advise on period hygiene from community health nurse Mary Rose Boyubie. Speaking to Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on the Girl Vibes program on eTV Ghana, she emphasized the necessity of women taking at least two daily showers, particularly when going through their monthly blood flow.

"You must routinely bathe while you are menstruating. Additionally, if you need to replace your pad, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water or sanitize them afterward, she advised.

"Also, you should clean the area thoroughly before changing your pad. If you can't wash before changing while at work, at the very least wipe before putting on a fresh pad.  This should be done within an interval of four to six hours,” Mary included.

The community health nurse gave advice to women about how to properly dispose of soiled sanitary pads, saying that flushing them down the toilet could clog the pipes. The wisest course of action, she observed, would be to either bury the pad or burn it in a secure location.

A midwife from the Ga East Municipal Hospital named Angela Amaning, who was also featured on the program, added some insight into the significance of menstrual hygiene practices.

Menstrual hygiene is crucial for women to practice in order to live a healthy life and avoid issues in the future. Cervical cancer and other issues can develop if you don't maintain good menstrual hygiene in the beginning stages.

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