Why The North Will Continue To Control The Government Even If An Igbo Becomes President- Soyinka

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A Nigerian playwright and poet, Akinwande Babatunde, popularly known as Wole Soyinka, has revealed the reason why the North will continue to control the Government no matter who becomes the president. According to him, "Northern Nigeria will continue to control the government no matter who becomes the president.This is because they created fraudulent constitution in Nigeria, fraudulent population in the Northwest and more states in the north"

He added that "Northern Nigeria was incharge of the Government when Olusegun Obansajo and Goodluck Jonathan were president. Even if you make an Igbo to be president, Northern Nigeria will still control the Government"

Going further, Wole Soyinka said the best solution to this problem is for us to negotiate our existence and work together as one

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Source: Official Facebook Page Of Southeast Nigeria.

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