"Cheat With People On Your Level".A Post That Caused A Stir On Social Media.

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Infidelity (synonyms include cheating, straying, adultery, being unfaithful, two-timing, or having an affair) is a violation of a couple's emotional and/or sexuäl exclusivity that commonly results in feelings of anger, sexuäl jealousy, and rivalry.

What constitutes infidelity depends on expectations within the relationship.

In marital relationships, exclusivity is commonly assumed. Infidelity can cause psychological damage, including feelings of rage and betrayal, low sexuäl and personal confidence, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Men and women can experience social consequences if their act of infidelity becomes public, but the form and extent of these consequences can depend on the gender of the unfaithful person.

It has been a problem from long time ago in different countries.

A lady by the name of Mmabatho, went on social media to talk about infidelity.She said that "Dont ever cheat with someone who has nothing to lose,cheat with people on your level ".

This also sounds like she is encouraging infidelity whereas many people are trying to remove it from their societies.

Other users agreed with her but one person said to her "Never Cheat".


The truth when it comes to infidelity is that,people that get cheated on most of the time,are those who are loyal.This breaks their trust.They end up no longer trusting their opposite gender.This leaves a trauma in their lives as they know that they gave their best to people who left them wounds that can't heal.

Infidelity has destroyed many marriages and it seems like it wont stop now.

The good thing we shall do,is to lead by example and have beautiful and amazing relationships,so that the next generation will know what is true love.This will motivate them to find good partners they can settle down with.

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