Meet The Famous People In The Bible Who Were Swallowed Alive By The Earth

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We have seen many strange things on Earth, and they have got us by surprised. We have three victims in the Bible, and we are told of what happened to them. They were called Kora, Dathan and Abiram, so we are told that they were among the followers of Moses. Moses brought them out of the land of Egypt, because God had commanded him.

Moses was leading the Israelites in the wilderness, and he always seek help was God. He protected the Israelites from danger, because he was leading them. He always taught them the laws of God, because God had instructed him. 

God was always speaking to Moses directly, and he never spoke to the Israelites directly. Kora, Dathan and Abiram saw this, and they got curious. They got jealous of Moses, so they started looking at him with bad eyes. They formed opposition among the Israeli, and they started objecting Moses. They started to turn people away from Moses, and Moses realized it.

They wanted to do the work of Moses, so they thought that God can also use them. They were rude to Moses, so Moses warned them of their bad behaviours. Moses saw them as his children, so he didn’t want to harm them. These three people insisted on performing the work of God , so they wanted to offer burned incense to the Lord.

They wanted to prove that God was on their side, so Moses was very angry with them. He agreed with their request, and they went ahead to prove their service to the Lord. They all burned the incense to the Lord, and the Lord rejected the offerings of Korah, Dathan and Abiram. 

God accepted the offering of Moses, and people knew that Moses was the Lord’s choice. Moses ordered the earth to open up, and the earth obeyed the words of Moses. People saw the earth swallowing these three men alive, and the story is written in the book of numbers 16.1-10.

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