Community left angry after parents brutally beat up boy for joining a Zimbabwean cult

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Child Abuse allegations screamed in the air as police arrested a woman who had bruatally assaulted her son.

According to Zimbabwean media reports the woman, Greta Yeukai Mutero and her brother Ocean “Madzibaba” Mutero found out that her son was involved in a cult know as "Zvigure".

The 12 year old boy had been performing rituals at the cult and this did not go down well with the woman and her brother. 

And so they meter out instant justice on the hapless little boy. 

It is not clear if the boy drank poison or whether he took rat poison to end his life but it all in tears.

Residents lashed out at the woman for having abused her son along with her brother. The woman and the boys father are separated. 

“I was only beating him as a mother disciplining her son, he woke me up in the morning. I left him here alive, I didn’t know I was coming back to see my son dead,” said the mother. 


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