"Happy Married Life". Check Out More Reactions As Maryam Booth Shares Wedding Dress Photos.

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Maryam Booth is a popular and successful kannywood actress that was born and raised in Kano State.

She came into the kannywood industry through her mother, Zainab Booth, who is also a very popular kannywood actress.

Maryam Booth has a very popular Instagram account where she uploads her stunning photos for her followers to watch.

She has shared two stunning photos today, Friday, 2 April, 2021. In the photos, she was dressed in a wedding dress. She looks very stunning and beautiful in the photos. See the photos below.

Many of her Instagram followers have reacted to the photos. Below are the screenshots of how some of her followers reacted to the photos.

Maryam Booth has been in the kannywood industry for over 10 years. She has featured in many kannywood movies alongside many popular kannywood celebrities.

What can you say about this beautiful actress?

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