After 8 Years Lady Finally Gives Birth To Baby Boy


The joy of being married is everything to a woman, but being married without a child can bring forth pain and misery in a marital home.

Children aren't just blessings to marriages, it shows that the man is healthy enough to handle his business.

In some tribes, where a woman is unable to conceive, she is immediately replaced by another maiden.

But this wasn't the case of Ngozi Stephen, who was pregnant for over 8-years without delivery.

Is one thing not having a baby, but knowing you have taken in and yet can give birth for all those years, I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

Ngozi Stephen who hails from Aba, Abia State, Nigeria via her social media page shared her miraculous testimony of how she finally delivered a baby boy after 8-years.

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The baby boy stayed in his mother's years all those years alive and breathing while Ngozi believed at the appointed time, God would do his wonders.

According to Ngozi Stephen, God never let how down and has proven to be by her side.