Why K'Ogalo is Organizing The 2M Dollar Fund Drive


Gor Mahia commonly know as K’Ogalo, has won Kenya Premier Legeau a record of 19 times. They have also won FKF’s President cup 10 times.

The club was named after a legendary medicine man from Kanyamwa, Ndhiwa, Homa Bay County in Luo mythiology, whose nickname was Gor Mahia. Mahia is Luo for Magic since he was famous for performing magic.

The club famous nickname, K’Ogalo also stems from the medicine man whose full name was Gor Wuod Ogada Nyakwar Ogalo (Gor Son of Ogada grandson of Ogalo)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has greatly affected our economy, the sporting industry has not been left behind especially with the suspension of sporting activities.

Clubs heavily rely on sponsorships to fund their activities. The sponsors re-coup their money back through the sporting activities.

The suspension has left K’Ogalo with huge debts including salaries for its players. The K’Ogalo committee has organized a Harambee dubbed “GMFC 2 MILLION DOLLAR HARAMBE”.

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