"Wazazi Wajipange" Parents Be Ready For This, After Latest News From The Ministry Of Education


Big blow to parents after the Today latest news concerned school fees balances for term three. Today the ministry of education have come up with latest information to schools, and especially to parents after Maghoa has commanded all school heads to send any student who have not yet cleared school fee balances.

Speaking while at JKUAT he added that some parents are pretending of not paying school fees for their children claiming that covid-19 is the main reason behind. He also said that those students who are totally poverty and they are proved to be poverty are the only ones who will be spared, but those who are well in terms of money should be chased to their respective homes to collect the third term fee money.

He also said that majority of parents are refusing to pay third term fee purposely, he has instructed all school principals to not allow students who have fee arrears to school.

What are your opinions?

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