How to become a Millionaire in Kenya


Becoming rich is not a topic that is discussed by everyone and openly. Many people don’t believe that they can become millionaires when still young but it is possible. The secret on how to be rich as most of our millionaires tell as it lies on hard work, determination and dedication.

Here are some ways that you can be a millionaire :

1.Have multiple streams of income.

You can’t be a millionaire with only one stream of income and be comfortable with it. You can find an extra part time job or invest some of your saving in a small business which is profitable. If this business will be making like an extra 15,000 a month plus your salary you will be in a better position.

2.Don’t show off.  

The thing here is just focus on making money and not showing off what you can buy with your money. Not everybody who you see driving a cheap car or wearing un expensive clothes are poor, it’s a secret of being rich. You can’t be wealthy when you are spending your salary on luxuries and other things which are not common.

3.Save to invest don’t just save

Many people just save for the sake of having money in a bank account, instead so that you can invest in future. Why have money in your bank account and yet you are nor earning a single cent from it. Just think of a good investment and put your money there and watch your money work for you.

4.Avoid bad debts

Take it as a rule in your life that never take loans that you know will never pay. Like don’t take loan money to buy a private car make sure that the car you buy increases your income. The rich people use debts to increase their cash flow but the poor people use debt to buy things that make the rich people richer.

If you still see like becoming a millionaire when still young is impossible, think again. Many people have made it and there is nothing to stop you. Remember to avoid the getting rich quick ways. Find your own path through determination and be willing to help others in making it too. When you follow the above steps you will make it.


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