Thee Pluto And Felicity Shiru Bodyguard Reveals How Much They Pay Him Per Month

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YouTuber, influencer and commercial model Thee Pluto together with his girlfriend Felicity Shiru their personal bodyguard Mr Cornelius had an amazing interview with one of online media channel. Cornelius share out his life experience and how they meet with Thee Pluto who later gave him a job to be his personal bodyguard.

He went on saying that Thee Pluto has really changed his life since he was jobless until he meet Thee Pluto. Mr Cornelius revealed that Thee Pluto pays him more than fifty thousand shillings per month. He continued by saying that working with Thee Pluto has opened him more opportunities since now days other celebrities approach him to be their personal bouncers during special events. Below is the YouTube link video of sixteen minutes with full evidence of what Mr Cornelius said.

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