Things you should never say to your spouse

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Anything that suggests divorce. If you are having trouble with your partner it is very important that you avoid words that might make them think you want a divorce. Unless that is what you really want , saying this when you don't mean it will only hurt her feelings .

Whenever you are having a conversation with your wife and she brings something up it is only appropriate that you respond to her well. Giving her responses like who cares or I don't care will make her feel unloved and this will make her emotionally detached from the relationship. We all want to be appreciated and if your partner gives you the impression that they are okay staying without you , this will push her to go somewhere else where they will feel loved and appreciated. If you are in a place where the love you had for your partner has faded being open about it and telling them how you feel is better than leave hints that you want to end the relationship.

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