55 year old woman arrested for raping 21 years old boy

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Gauteng police representative Colonel Dimakatso Sello said the determined endeavors of police to guarantee that casualties of sexual orientation based brutality and femicide get equity keep on bearing natural products. A 55-year-elderly person who was captured has gotten a lifelong incarceration for attacking a 21-year-old simple-minded man at his home in Krugersdorp. 

The one who was employed as a guardian attacked the slow-witted man when the guardians were not home. The extremely observant neighbors saw that something was dubious and needed to inquire as to whether all was great. The youngster admitted that he was being attacked every day and the matter was accounted for to the police. 

She was viewed unquestionablyliable by the Krugersdorp Regional Court and condemned to life detainment for R@pe and six years for rape. The sentences will run simultaneously. Colonel Dimakatso Sello said that a few cases that elaborate grown-ups with a man being the casualty are regularly hidden where no one will think to look as a result of the apparent manliness in a man. 


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