Man Tries To Defraud Someone When Mob Gathered To Beat a Yam Thief; Got Arrested Too

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Kumasi central market today was extremely dramatic after two thieves, one at a time, was arrested for committing various degrees of offenses in

The first thief was arrested for stealing tubers of yam from the market women whether to go and cook or resell it. He was arrested, beaten and sent to police station.

At that same moment, a 29 year old fraudster was also in the process of defrauding an innocent man with a phone. While the first thief was being beaten and taken up by the police, the fraudster was behind the scene selling the fake phone.

Luckily to the victim, he detected that the phone was actually fake and was just a stone wrapped in an envelope inside a phone box.

Yalwa Zongo Neighborhood Committee quickly arrested him too and called for police. The angry mob around were calmed to ensure peace and order or beating them. They pleaded to be forgiven but their words were ignored and taken to police station.

Watch video from the link below.

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