Solomon Kuria Defends President Uhuru's Decision Of Appointing Judges.


Solomon Kuria today morning on k24 has reacted badly to those people blaming president Uhuru Kenyatta for not appointing all the 40 judges presented to him. Solomon Kuria said that the constitution is not a York on our neck that we must have to do everything it says like the issue of the six judges.

"Do we want him to rubber stamp their appointment if he has information about their integrity issues?" Kuria asked.

Solomon urged people that we need to revolutionize how we appoint out judges. Let appointing the Judges be in conjunction with other agencies but not just Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) in a boardroom who only look at CVs.

Solomon went ahead in defending the Head of State by saying that the issue of the six judges, the president did nothing wrong in rejecting them. What he just did was to represent the Mwananchi something which is good because we now know they have integrity issues.

As a result, Solomon Kuria supported president Uhuru Kenyatta's decision of appointing the 34 judges and he had a clear reason of why he rejected other six judges so people should stop judging him wrong.

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