After This Man Saved A Pregnant Woman From Crocodile Attack, See What People Want For Him


This news would make a good Hollywood action movie as a hero has just been made in Zambia.

Kayula Nkweto, a young man has become an hero after he rescued a woman from the jaws of death. According to Zambia Reports which shared the news on its Facebook page, said the woman, Esther Mulenga was attacked by a deadly crocodile in the Mundu area in Lubu river, Chinsali.

Nkweto, without any weapon dived into the river to rescue the woman. What makes this whole story interesting and touching is that Esther was 4 months pregnant! The woman is now grateful to Nkweto for saying her life and that of her unborn child.

Radio Delight had an interview with the young man and the director, Harrison Phiri later accompanied him to the hospital for a visit to Esther.

Chinsali is a town in Chinsali District of Zambia, and is the provincial headquarters of Muchinga Province. It lies 15 km west of the Great North Road and about 180 kilometres north-east of Mpika.

Calls have been made for the hero to be honored for his bravery.